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The San Diego attorneys of Silldorf Law, LLP are proud to be a top law firm in California for construction defect cases. We are driven by results and have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients. Our strength lies in our many decades of experience, our unwavering dedication to our clients, and our established record of success.



"Products" is a broad term that encompasses anything made for use or consumption, which means that products are an integral part of each of our everyday lives. Every day, we interact, use, and come into contact with different products. They make up our homes, our offices, our cars. We wear products, consume products, and use products.

Products provide us protection, shelter, happiness, entertainment, assistance, comfort, warmth, and ease. These same products can, however, be defective. The pipes that make up your plumbing and water system may leak resulting in dry rot and mold. The product that is meant to provide water and cleanliness to your home is now a product that creates stress, requires repair and remediation, and adds unexpected expenses to your budget.

Product defects include (1) the defective design of the product, (2) the defective manufacturing of the product, or (3) the defective warning on a product, which fails to properly warn the consumer of a known risk.

Our team of experienced lawyers is knowledgeable and skilled at product defect litigation. When it comes to your home and the products used to provide you shelter, safety, and security, we understand the need for immediate and efficient action and recovery. Your home is your castle, and we want to keep it that way. Defective products can include windows, roofs, pipes, plumbing, and flooring. Every aspect of your home is made up of products that have the potential to be defective. When you see damage to property or person, it is best to act quickly before the damage escalates.

Let Silldorf Law, LLP's San Diego product liability attorneys navigate your product defect claims and return your property and life to order.



    Silldorf Law, LLP has represented numerous associations and homeowners in a variety of actions for defective windows. Past claims include water infiltration due to improper seals and weather proofing, defective window hardware and internal components, and water infiltration between panes causing window fogging. Our window experts have been successful in reaching settlements many cases, allowing homeowners and associations to make the necessary repairs to prevent problems associated with water intrusion.

    Here are some signs to help you determine if you have defective windows:.

    • Staining of exterior stucco around window frames
    • Pooling of water around window sills
    • Sticking or malfunctioning of window hardware
    • Fogging between window panes



    Our law firm has significant experience representing homeowners and associations with claims for roof leaks and defects. Failures of roofing systems can cause considerable damage to crawlspaces and finished surfaces, and undetected leaks can lead to potential health issues due to cultivation of mold in void spaces. We assist in all elements of the claim process, including support for emergency repairs where necessary, to ensure roofing leaks and defects are remedied.

    Here are some signs to help you determine if you have defective roofs:

    • Missing or damaged shingles or tiles
    • Water entry around roof penetrations
    • Pooling of water in attic or crawlspaces
    • Staining or cracking of drywall ceilings or walls



    Defective Chinese cast iron pipes and fittings have been a growing issue in new developments and building conversions. The use of defective Chinese cast iron in storm and sanitary drain, waste, and vent plumbing systems has been linked to an array of leaks and piping failures, causing substantial damage to surrounding areas. While recourse from the Chinese manufacturers is difficult to obtain, our attorneys have been successful in recovering from developers and insurance companies to provide the association with the funds necessary to replace the defective piping.

    Here are some signs to help you determine if you have defective Chinese pipes:

    • Dripping or failure of fittings
    • Premature pitting or rusting of pipes
    • "Wanze" or other Chinese manufacturer markings
    • Peeling of paint or other coatings



    Toxic flooring poses a potential health threat to homeowners, tenants, and visitors alike. Use of an array of hazardous chemical additives in flooring components and adhesives in recent years has been linked to potential health problems such as respiratory problems, allergies, and other significant health issues. Silldorf Law, LLP is adept at handling claims relating to toxic flooring and can assist with remediation efforts to ensure the health and safety of occupants.

    Find out the product type and manufacturer. Avoid flooring products and adhesives containing:

    • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other halogenated plastics
    • Polyurethane (PU), Polystyrene (PS), Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS), Polycarbonate (PC)
    • Polyethylene-terephthalate (PET)
    • Polyolefins (PE, PP, etc.)
    • Bio-based plastics



    Failures of plumbing systems such as water, waste, drain, and vent pipes can cause excessive damage to interior finishes and common area components. Leaks from PEX water piping are often difficult to detect as the piping is contained within the finished wall surfaces, and visible damage indicators often do not manifest themselves until significant water damage has occurred. Silldorf Law, LLP attorneys are experienced with the intricacies of claims for defective plumbing systems as well as developing cost of repair reports for remediation efforts.

    Here are some signs to help you determine if you have defective plumbing systems:

    • Use of flexible Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX) piping
    • Staining of drywall or exterior stucco
    • Pooling of water around outlets and other wall penetrations
    • Strong sewer gas odors


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