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The San Diego attorneys of Silldorf Law, LLP are proud to be a top law firm in California for construction defect cases. We are driven by results and have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients. Our strength lies in our many decades of experience, our unwavering dedication to our clients, and our established record of success.




    Assessments have been referred to as the "bloodline" of homeowners associations. The California Court of Appeal emphasized over 20 years ago, that "because homeowners associations would cease to exist without regular payment of assessment fees, the Legislature has created procedures for associations to quickly and efficiently seek relief against a non-paying owner."*

    Despite the court's statement, assessment collection is seldom quick and efficient. We believe it can and should be. With comprehensive experience in collection law, litigation, and association law, the San Diego attorneys at Silldorf Law, LLP have mastered the art of assessment collection. Our experienced lawyers, paralegals and in-house collectors utilize a multitude of creative collection methods to find the delinquent owner's assets and recover for the association what it is owed. While foreclosure can be an option, we also often use wage garnishments, rent assignments, bank levies, and other non-traditional collection methods to compel the debtor to bring his or her account current

    While Silldorf Law, LLP is driven by results, it remains dedicated to exceptional client services, and we ensure that association managers and boards of directors are regularly updated as to the status of our work. The court created the tools for quick and efficient collection. Silldorf Law, LLP will put these tools to use, making sure you collect what you are owed.

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    *(Park Place Estates Homeowners Assn. v. Naber, 29 Cal. App. 4th 427, 432 (1994))



    Silldorf & Levine has proven expertise in judgment enforcement and collection. Collecting on judgments is not just a practice area, it's an art, and we are the artists. While our emphasis is on homeowner debts, our vast experience has enabled us to represent a variety of creditors seeking to collect both personal and commercial debt, including unpaid assessments, fines, rents, personal loans, franchise royalties, and attorneys' fees awards. If you've got a judgment, we can collect on it.

    Our debt collection services can be tactful or aggressive, depending on what the situation requires. We utilize innovative collection methods, while always adhering to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and the Rosenthal Collections Practices Act. We know how to find the debtor's money, and how to collect it.

    If you've got a judgment that needs collecting, let the experienced San Diego lawyers at Silldorf Law, LLP help you get the results you deserve.

    For more information contact our firm at 858-266-8378.


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