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The San Diego attorneys of Silldorf Law, LLP are proud to be a top law firm in California for construction defect cases. We are driven by results and have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients. Our strength lies in our many decades of experience, our unwavering dedication to our clients, and our established record of success.



Class actions lawsuits are intended to help individuals pursue relatively small claims against large corporations. An individual consumer who suffered minimal damages due to a big company’s wrongful conduct may not want to spend the time and resources necessary to prosecute his or her claim and bring about justice, which means the big company may get away with its wrongful conduct.

With a class action suit, an individual can pursue his or her claim on behalf of a "class" of numerous other individuals who suffered similar damages. When combining all the individual claims, the action becomes feasible, the damages become significant, and justice can be restored. The large company can no longer escape liability.

Class actions are generally allowed whenever a large group of individuals suffer similar damages. Consumers who paid for the same defective product, employees who suffered from the same employer misconduct, and tax-payers subjected to the same unconstitutional tax are just some examples of cases where a class may be certified.

The San Diego attorneys at Silldorf Law, LLP, located in San Diego, have wide and substantial experience handling highly complex litigation involving numerous parties. Class action suits can be complicated and difficult to handle. The lawyers of Silldorf Law, LLP have the resources, knowledge and personnel required to represent the class members and tackle the complexities that regularly arise during class action litigation.



    If it leaks, breaks, or falls apart, we can help. Many products go into the construction of a new home. Inevitably, many of these are defective products. Windows fail. Pipes break. Roofs leak. Stucco cracks, and the list goes on and on.

    Fighting alone against the builder and product manufacturer is difficult and frustrating. Let the experienced construction defect attorneys of Silldorf Law, LLP help you. Our team of San Diego attorneys are experts on both construction defect and class action litigation in Southern California. No matter how small your claim is, we can help you pursue your claim against the manufacturer on behalf of homeowners in a similar situation. We can make sure you recover the money you need to fix the defective products in your home.



    "Products" is a broad term that encompasses anything made for use or consumption, which means that products are an integral part of each of our everyday lives. Every day, we interact, use, and come into contact with different products. They make up our homes, our offices, our cars. We wear products, consume products, and use products.

    Products provide us protection, shelter, happiness, entertainment, assistance, comfort, warmth, and ease. These same products can, however, be defective. The pipes that make up your plumbing and water system may leak resulting in dry rot and mold. The product that is meant to provide water and cleanliness to your home is now a product that creates stress, requires repair and remediation, and adds unexpected expenses to your budget.

    Product defects include (1) the defective design of the product, (2) the defective manufacturing of the product, or (3) the defective warning on a product, which fails to properly warn the consumer of a known risk.

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    The California Constitution prohibits governmental agencies from charging consumers taxes that exceed the actual cost of the service provided. It also prohibits those agencies from raising taxes without getting the people’s approval first. Water districts and gas and electricity providers are considered governmental agencies. What they charge you for their service is a tax.

    Does your local utility service provider charge different rates from residential properties and commercial properties? Does your local utility service provider charge a tiered rate, increasing the cost when you increase consumption? Has your local utility service provided recently raised the rates for its service? If so, that service provider may have violated the California Constitution.

    Don't let California utility companies increase your rates without approval. Don't let utility companies charge you more than what it costs them. Defend your rights and claim the rates you deserve under the Constitution.

    The San Diego attorneys at Silldorf Law, LLP are pioneers in the area of utility tax class actions. Our attorneys are leading the way in pursuing action against utility companies that overcharge innocent residents all over California. Your claim may be small, but with a class action, we can help you bring justice. If you think you are paying too much for utility service, contact our knowledgeable team of attorneys in San Diego today for a free evaluation.



    Issues at work arise almost every day. Employment law in California is broad, and includes violations of the California labor laws, overtime pay violations, unpaid vacation time, retaliation, harassment, and wrongful termination. In some instances, employment law claims can be minimal, and employers abuse employees’ inability to pursue their legal rights. Employment class action lawuits can be the solution. Class actions allow employees to group together to recover damages resulting from their employer’s wrongful conduct.

    Like other class actions, employment class actions are complicated. The employment law attorneys at Silldorf Law, LLP in San Diego can help employees navigate through the complexities of class action litigation. Our understanding of the procedures that go into class actions, as well as employee and consumer rights gives us a unique advantage in helping Southern California employees recover what they deserve.


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